Worship – July 26, 2020

Worship Songs included: “Run to the Father” “O Come to the Alter” “Another in the Fire”

Worship – June 28, 2020

Worship Songs Included: “Living Hope” “You Keep on Getting Better” “Thought of Well (Psalm 139)”

Worship – May 3, 2020

Worship Songs Included: “Raise a Hallelujah” “Carry Me Through” “Yes I Will”

Worship – April 26, 2020

Worship Songs Included: “Who You Say I Am” “Came to my Rescue” “In Christ Alone”

Worship – April 12, 2020

Songs in Worship Set: “All Hail King Jesus” “In Christ Alone” “Stand in Your Love”

Worship – February 23, 2020

Worship songs included: “Jesus” “Living Hope” “Way Maker” “Give me Jesus”

Worship – January 19, 2020

Worship songs included: “Raise a Hallelujah” “God I Look to You” “The Stand” “You Make me Brave”

Worship – January 5, 2020

Worship songs included: “Your Love Never Fails” “Forever” “Places of Freedom” “Tremble”