December 2: Genesis 1-2:3

Welcome to The Intentional Podcast. Setting aside time for prayer and Scripture meditation can change the posture of your day. Thank you for spending a few minutes with us as we turn our attention to what Jesus has for the day ahead.


Before you read the Scripture for today, limit the distractions around you and spend time in prayer. Spend time thanking God for the opportunity we have to spend with Him through the reading of His Word.


Genesis 1-2:3


How do we know something exists? In our culture today, we place existence in two categories: material things or experiences. In the ancient world, however, existence had to do with function — having a role to play. The Hebrew word for “create” (bara) is a verb having to deal with God being the one who separates and names creation. In the ancient world, there were gods who separated things and gods who named things. God is setting the stage for being the answer to all people for all things. 


  • What phrases stood out to you?
  • What might God be saying to you through this passage, and how can you respond today?
  • What does this passage tell us about God? How does it look forward to Jesus’ coming?

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