Episode 80: Spiritual Growth and Maturity

In this episode, Pastor Marvin and Carolyn start a new season by talking about different spiritual habits and rhythms.

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1 thought on “Episode 80: Spiritual Growth and Maturity”

  1. Excellent exchange of scripture and of Life issues regarding matters of the Heart. Specifically, that we are called and encouraged to “…grow up into Him in all things which is The Head, even Christ”. Eph.4:15. I especially appreciate the encouragement to “Ask the Lord to give us the desire to grow, if we don’t have that”. I believe Pastor Marvin stated that.
    Thanks, Pastor Marvin and Carolyn.

    P.S. I am hearing the same message content from 2 other “Bible teachers” in 2 other locations in the U.S. One is from Peter Parris in Tallahassee, Fla. and the other is from Pastor Nate Sweeney in Bentonville, Arkansas where I attend church. This sounds like a Holy Ghost move to me!

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