Day 20 – Practical Tool

Practical Tool – Bible Storying John 6:1-15 NLT After this Jesus went away to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, which is the Sea of Tiberias. 2 And …

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Day 18 – Practical Tool

Revisiting the video from Day 4 about Conversation Quadrants. Day 18 Action Step: Where would you place the conversations you have throughout the week?

Day 17 – Prayer Exercise

Personal Worship Most of us think of worship as singing together at church on Sunday mornings. But music is just one vehicle that can move …

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Day 16 – Weekly Mindset Focus

Weekly Mindset Focus – Incarnational Listening Incarnational Listening is a concept from the “Emotionally Healthy Relationships” course where we listen to someone with empathy, paying …

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Day 14 – Share/Invite

Day 14 Action Step: Invite to study together: Podcast or Class When you look at the 5 relationships you are being intentional with, who could …

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Day 13 – Practical Tool

Practical Tool – Stop Mind Reading The concept of “Stop Mind Reading” comes from the “Emotionally Healthy Relationships” course. The idea is a simple yet …

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Day 11 – Practical Tool

Spend time in personal reflection about what the wall of self-preservation might be for you when it comes to relationship building? Remember to use Authoritative …

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